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Complex Assessments Done Easily

With Brainier your assessment process is in your hands. The online testing universe is ruled by you and you decide the length, difficulty and language of the test by using a modern and easy-to-use platform.
You can norm & validate your tools on your company demographic – this means you’ll be able to compare scores & results within your teams and employees and create inside rankings and standards based on these evaluations. Also, embed your own company culture within the assessment tools in order to create strongly performance predictive tests.


Your Ideas

Flexibility is the foundation on which this platform was created and this gives you freedom to load it with a wide variety of tests. Whether it’s your own version of an ability test (e.g. GMAT) or a language test, they all fit on Brainier!

Your Values

Company values transcend all layers of the hiring process and including them in the assessment phase gives you a better start in choosing future employees. Not only is this time saving but provides insight into the applicant’s personality.

Your Rules

You decide the length and difficulty of the test. And the form it takes! Multiple choice, open answer or single choice questions are at your disposal in building a master test. Or you can always mix and combine to test the creativity of your applicants.

Analytics and Metrics

The complex analytics of the platform will help you assess the efficiency of your recruitment process, decide to invest in sourcing strategies that bring you a higher percentage of qualifying candidates, assign budgets and effort into channels and procedures that bring on the best return.


Candidate tracking

As a company that is continuously looking for new recruits, you are always pressured by time to bring in the best talent on the market so why not turn to the trusty Brainer database? You can review, re-call and even re-test former applicants to see if they fit the profile now.

Yearly Reports

One of the most handy and close for immediate use features of the online testing platform is the report generator. This tool offers precious insight over each assessed pool, the percentage of successful and unsuccessful applicants and what is needed to improve effectiveness.

Real-time Data Results

They say that “good things come to those who wait” but you’re too curious to see how many new recruits you’ll get. Why not go online and see their progress? You can check how many finished or quit the test, send reminders and you draw conclusions on the final pool.


24/7 Access

Once you have your account all set up then it’s up to you how you manage your calendar. Having an around the clock access to the account allows you to not only plan ahead other tasks, but to enter at any time to check the assessment status or to make last minute changes.

Accurate Reports

Company values transcend all layers of the hiring process and including them in the assessment phase gives you a better start in choosing future employees. Not only is this time saving but provides insight into the applicant’s personality.

Comprehensive Overview

With the tests all finished and submitted now you can draw a conclusion of the assessed pool. The analysis will unveil knowledge, demographic and educational level patterns, thus allowing you to make the right call with the hiring process.

Built with You In Mind

With a clever and user friendly appearance, Brainier allows you to make last minute changes, check user status and compare results. In online testing all this is just one log in away from your laptop…or any other device you prefer!


User Friendly

Once you log on to the online testing platform the step-by-step process in building your profile & loading your tests is super easy and self-explanatory. No hidden windows, complicated phases and trick questions! It’s easy as 1,2,3!

Confidential & Secure

Once you’ve created the account only you can decide if you want to grant user rights to anyone else. You retain proprietary rights for all the tests and data inputted in the system.

Eye-catching Interface

Brainier is simple and you can customize it as you like. Big fonts, pleasant colors and logical transitions make the process an enjoyable experience with great results.

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Brand it!

Wrap Brainier up in your brand identity by choosing the brand colors, fonts and adding your personal logo within the platform interface. The candidates remember you better and their recruitment process experience is more consistent.

In-built Design

Once you’ve gotten accustomed with the platform it’s time to customize it accordingly. You have a wide variety of instruments to choose from like fonts, font size and adding your logo. Let the candidates get used to their possible future employer!

On Demand Design

Let’s say that you want something truly special that communicates the essence of your employer brand. Since we like to see our clients happy, we are more than flexible to have a sit-down with you and discuss how we can make it happen.

In-built Assessments

With Brainier you can use your own tests or we could provide you with some or our own. Moreover, we have experience & strong competency in building customized assessment tools, tests & questionnaires for every need you might encounter.


Ready to Test

You have your candidate pool ready but no tests? That’s not a problem! Our tests can be easily assigned to your database, you just tell us what you want to measure.

Approved & Standardized

Created and validated by using international norms & standards our test ensure that you get the results you are aiming for in the recruiting process. Our extensive experience in assessing and evaluating candidates has offered valuable insight into the length and difficulty of each test.

Custom Made

Maybe you have something different in mind and wish to refine or redesign your current tests. Give us a call and we will find together the best approach for your assessment needs.

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