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Brainier builds better candidate engagement in the selection process and helps you identify high performing talent faster.

Find Talent Faster

Save time and help your team work faster & better. Screen more than 60% of the applicant pool and invite in interviews only the best talent on the market. Make your time and theirs really worth the while.

Get Valuable Insights

Brainier Analitycs shows you how the ideal candidate profile looks like, where to find talent and how to approach it. Brainier puts together complex Project Reports for you to use in meetings.

Build Talent Engagement

Create your own tests! You rule the testing universe deciding the length, difficulty language and test interface. Make candidates remember you better by wrapping Brainier up in your brand identity.

Easier, Better

Brainier is very easy to use & intuitive. Long & frustrating processes and now easy & rewarding at one click away. Don’t worry about manual scoring, interpreting results, writing reports & such.

Complex Assessment Done Easily

With Brainier your assessment process is in your hands. The testing universe in ruled by you and you decide the length, difficulty and language of the test by using a modern and easy-to-use platform.

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Analytics and Metrics

The complex analytics of the platform will help you assess the efficiency of your recruitment process, decide to invest in sourcing strategies that bring you a higher percentage of qualifying candidates, assign budgets and effort into channels and procedures that bring on the best return.

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Real Time Data Results

They say that “good things come to those who wait” but you’re too curious to see how many new recruits you’ll get. Why not go online and see their progress? You can check how many finished or quit the test, send reminders and you draw conclusions on the final pool.

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Brand it!

Wrap Brainier up in your brand identity by choosing the brand colors, fonts and adding your personal logo within the platform interface. The candidates remember you better and their recruitment process experience is more consistent.

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How Brainier Works

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Believe it after you see it! Feel free to request a personalized demo account and experience the power and ease of Brainier within your company.

Experience & Play

Get a real feel of the full experience while you create your own projects, upload candidates and branded tests onto the platform.

Upgrade & Get Started

After you see it and love it, make it your own. We move faster than lightening and we’ll upgrade your account to a full one in no time.

Request Units

The fuel for Brainier is measured in units. Since the value of every assessment is measured in units you decide from the beginning how many you want to purchase.

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